Kaas pathar Satara

Kaas pathar

Kaas plateau, locally referred to as Kaas Patthar is found within the Satara district of Maharashtra. it's a hotspot of the Western Ghats. Kaas plateau is known because of the valley of flowers of Maharashtra and contains a wide range of flora. it's estimated that the seventieth of Maharashtra’s flower is found here. it's declared as the world’s heritage website by UNESCO. Kaas plateau is the home for several endemic species. the intense colorful flowers among the plush inexperienced grasses look dreadfully stunning. The dry, nude trees too look therefore inexperienced within the valley. the attractive, distinctive butterflies and different insects are terribly endearing. The caterpillars too look colorful and pretty.

How to Get There

It is suggested to travel to Kaas Pathar is a private car or cluster of travel buses. There are native buses, however, the frequencies of these buses are slow and thus, it might be higher if you'd elapse vehicles organized by yourself. Suppose you begin your journey from Satara then the auto-rickshaws are offered. One will reach the Kaas plateau simply by an auto.

Kaas pathar

Best Time to go to

Kaas plateau will be formally opened for the public to go to and revel in the wonder usually from the month of August. There are specific times for the general public to visit the place. so as to shield the flora, from this year ahead i.e. from 2016 solely 3000 folks are going to be allowed to go to Kaas plateau. Kaas Pathar appearance totally different|completely different} at different times. you may expertise completely different faces of the valley throughout the start, within the middle and at the tip of the season. There are some flowers that bloom once during a few years. therefore it might be tough to go to that specific time. Therefore, you would like to research and arrange once to visit the place. those who would like to envision purple flowers everywhere the place will arrange their trip anytime between the months of August and September.

To conclude, visiting the Kaas Pathar is like visiting a magic world. The plateau has infinite kinds of flowers that are able to add color to the eyes. One should book his tickets before in hand; carry water bottles, umbrella, camera, and different necessary things. Also, dress consequently because the Pathar is going to be open for the public throughout the monsoon seasons. It the most effective time to visit, travel and have reminiscences.