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Satara City

Satara City

Satara town is enclosed by seven hills. The Seven hills shaping the boundaries of this village in Maharashtra provides it its name. Metaphorically, it absolutely was additionally the capital town of Maratha’s for a long time, creating it a star among the cities of the state. it's one of the necessary tourist Places in Maharashtra.

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad – one among the seven hills, is popular with the tourists. once our auto driver was driving us towards this hill, he unbroken telling us that you just got to climb 200-300 steps to travel on top. whereas I might see a winding road about to the highest of the Hill. after we reached there it turned out that each folk was right in our own approach. The winding road that I saw from a distance becomes a broad stairway that one should climb on foot. it's lined with numerous Ganesh idols from numerous villages around. I suppose it acts as a motivational force for the climbers. we didn't head to the highest wherever Samadhi of swami Ramdas is. he's believed to have returned here at the request of Shivaji Maharaj.

Satara City


Windmills may be seen all around on the hills. big fans moving on their own, generating power for us. Water bodies interspersing the various little hills may be a typical landscape of the town. The tour guides can take you to a point wherever you can see the windmills very nearby and you may end up encircled by them.


As we enraptured on the roads resulting in Windmills, Thoseghar falls, Kaas and Sajjangad, there was no way to miss the hues of inexperienced color unfold on the varied valleys, with animals grazing in a number of them, flower beds on another. Explore the higher than places to go to throughout your tour.

A lovely village of Maharashtra with Kaas as its crowning glory… it's a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai & Pune.