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Sajjangad Satara


Sajjangad which implies “fort of good people” within the Marathi language is the place wherever saint Ramdas took samadhi. it's a well-liked pilgrimage center in Maharashtra. The fort is found concerning fifteen kilometers from Satara town. There are several ST buses plying from Satara, one every hour, ranging from 7.30 within the morning.

Sajjangad within the late afternoon. It’s about twelve kilometers from the waterfalls. I reached the gad at around 4.00 pm, there are many steps to climb before venturing into the fort. The fort has just one gate and also the remainder of the edges of the fort have cliff on all sides. The gate is open from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm. there's a couple of Darwaja that you cross before you enter into the fort premises.


Inside the fort, there are several mandirs of Lord Hanuman, additionally whereas coming into the fort one can encounter varied Lord Hanuman mandir. The place wherever the samadhi exists is that the Lord Rama temple, numerous functions occur during this temple throughout the day. Then there's the place simply besides this Rama mandir that had a ton of artifacts of Saint Ramdas, most of them are precocious by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to his guru Saint Ramdas. There are numerous vessels used daily, there's a Palang (bed), sword, etc.

The fort was built by Bahmani sultanate in between 1347-1527, it changes hands from them to Adilshah to Mughal to Shivaji. there's a nameplate concerning the initial builders at one in each of the gates in the Persian language.