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kaas pathar Satara

Valley Of Flowers
2KMS /From Resort
  • Near Satara
  • More than 150 types of flowers
  • High Hill Plateaus & Grasslands
  • Carpets Change Colours Eevery Week
  • 23 km From Satara City
  • Best Time 15th Aug to 15th Oct

Kaas plateau, locally referred to as Kaas Patthar is found within the Satara district of Maharashtra. it's a hotspot of the Western Ghats. Kaas plateau is known because of the valley of flowers of Maharashtra and contains a wide range of flora. it's estimated that the seventieth of Maharashtra’s flower is found here. it's declared as the world’s heritage website by UNESCO.

Bamnoli Satara

35 kms/From Satara City
  • Breathtaking Views
  • You Can Enjoy Boating
  • Mini Kashmir
  • Best Time June-Sept
  • Famous Vasota Fort
  • Peaceful Environment

Bamnoli village is the scenic village close to Satara that is located on the bank of Shivsagar Lake formed by the Koyna dam. boating is that the main attraction of Bamnoli village, native folks provided boating for tourists to go to Tapola (Mini Kashmir), Vasota Fort and Nageshwar Temple.There are multiple boating choices to choose from and one will either

Thoseghar Waterfall Satara

Vibrant Thoseghar
20 kms/From The Satara City
  • A 1000 Feet Waterfall
  • Newly Constructed Platform to Stand
  • Visit Thoseghar in Rainy Season.
  • Chalkewadi Windmill Farms
  • Various Small Waterfalls
  • Beautiful Nature(In Rainy Days)

At a distance of 26 kilometers from Satara, 294 kilometers from Mumbai, 141 kilometers from Pune, 77 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar, and 73 kilometers from Panchgani, Thoseghar Falls is a well-liked waterfall settled at Thoseghar village in Satara district of Maharashtra. it's one among the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra and conjointly one among the best

Satara City

Satara City
SATARA/City Spots
  • Satara Museum
  • Ajinkyatara Fort
  • Jal Mandir.
  • Local Maharashtrian Food
  • First Sainik School
  • Charbhinti

Satara town is enclosed by seven hills. The Seven hills shaping the boundaries of this village in Maharashtra provides it its name. Metaphorically, it absolutely was additionally the capital town of Maratha’s for a long time, creating it a star among the cities of the state. it's one of the necessary tourist Places in Maharashtra.Sajjangad – one among the seven hills, is popular with the tourists.

Sajjangad Satara

15 kms/From The Satara City
  • View of Urmodi Dam & Surrounding
  • There is a Temple of God Rama
  • Spend a Time in Peace.
  • Samadhi of Samarth Ramdas Swami.
  • Various Small Waterfalls
  • Drive up to the base of the hill.

Sajjangad which implies “fort of good people” within the Marathi language is the place wherever saint Ramdas took samadhi. it's a well-liked pilgrimage center in Maharashtra. The fort is found concerning fifteen kilometers from Satara town. There are several ST buses plying from Satara, one every hour, ranging from 7.30 within the morning.